Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Bear Lake Local George Crezee Celebrates 59th Birthday with 15 Events!

George Crezee turns 59 today, but don’t expect any standard birthday celebration for this active, passionate Big Bear Lake resident. On Thursday, April 16th, George Crezee is setting out on another big adventure that takes him from the mountains to the desert and to the lakes and beaches of Southern California. His mission: to encourage people to get off the couch and get active.

       4:15 am - Out of bed, eat a healthy breakfast 

         5:15 am - Leave the house and head for Snow Summit

         5:30 am - 1) Mountain bike in Big Bear Lake

         6:25 am - 2) Skate ski at Snow Summit

         6:55 am - 3) Snow shoe at Snow Summit

         7:25 am - 4) Skin up Snow Summit with alpine touring ski gear

         8:00 am - 5) Telemark ski down Snow Summit

         8:30 am - 6) Alpine slalom ski course down Snow Summit

         9:45 am - 7) Rock climbing in Big Bear Lake

         12:30 pm - 8) Motocross at Milestone

         1:30 pm - 9) Super motocross at Adams Motorsports Park

         2:30 pm - 10) Kart racing at Adams Motorsports Park

         4:15 pm - 11) Water ski at Canyon Lake

         6:15 pm - 12) Body surf at Newport Beach

         6:45 pm - 13) Volleyball game at Newport Beach

         7:40 pm - 14) Inline skating at Newport Beach

         8:15 pm - 15) Kayaking in Newport Harbor

         8:45 pm - CELEBRATE!

George hopes to motivate people to get outside and enjoy what's in their own backyard. If at 59 George can do all these activities, others can surely do just one of them and get on the road to a healthier lifestyle. George celebrated his 55th birthday with 10 events, and intends to keep it up. George is also using this day to begin calculating his carbon footprint and purchase local carbon offsets through Project Green STAR (www.EcoEventManagement.com). Help George promote a healthy body and a healthy world by adding your inspirational stories to this blog.

There are no excuses. Do something!!


  1. You're my hero! You are truly an inspiration! I love you, honey!
    Your adoring wife, Uli

  2. Jorge - You are so cool! Happy Birthday, and have a great day! I hope lots of people see this story and get out and enjoy their lives by keeping their bodies moving! Patty

  3. Happy Birthday George!! Hope that the waters aren't too cold down here in Newport Beach. Weather hasn't been to bad so I hope that you have a great time. What a cool way to Celebrate your 59th B-day! Way to go.

    Kim (Stock) Derichsweiler!

  4. Fantastic, when do we get to read the "post birthday report"!

  5. Very impressive. For my last B-day all I did was drink too much beer from the local microbrewery. So now I need to step up the work-outs.
    I work with your sis-in-law in Ames, Trudy, and she sent me the link.
    Mark in Iowa